A) Feasibility Studies/ Market Demand Analyses (Existing / New Projects)

Research requires an analysis of the historic, present and future scenarios of each development market. The likelihood of a development succeeding or failing can result from a number of factors. Researching a project prior to development seeks to limit market pitfalls and identify future, long-term market success. Market demand analyses on existing projects can assist with increasing productivity and future growth.

  • Retail Facilities (Shopping Centres, Retail Parks, Hypermarkets, High Streets, Individual Retailers)
  • Entertainment & Leisure Facilities
  • Residential (incl. second homes)
  • Office
  • Mixed Use / Lifestyle Developments
  • Industrial / Warehousing / Logistics
  • Brownfield / Inner City Re-Development
  • Highest and Best Land Use Study (single / multiple land parcels).
    (Used to identify ideal property uses, based on market demand)
    • Private Sector
    • Public Sector (Assist Municipal / Regional Governments for future land use / infrastructure planning)
  • We also provide market research assistance for securing bank development loans and on distressed real estate assets for possible purchase.


B) Site Selection

In some instances, developers / retailers / investors are unsure where development / asset acquisition opportunities exist. By incorporating a specialised market research approach, likely gaps can be identified.
  • Retail
  • Second home / Residential
  • Leisure and Entertainment
  • Office
  • Industrial / Warehousing / Logistics
  • Mixed-use / Land re-development schemes


C) Real Estate Brokerage

  • Represent various off-market AAA and distressed assets, globally. Property types include hotels / resorts, office buildings, industrial sites, shopping centres and residential portfolios. We also assist with land development opportunities in key growth markets.
  • We provide direct buyer/seller representation as well as have agreements with private brokers in core and emerging markets.


D) Additional Services

  • Population, Income and Sales Forecasting
  • Retail Market Share, Demand and Impact Analysis
  • Demographic Analyses / Target Marketing
  • Data Mapping (Geographic Information Systems [GIS])
  • Primary Consumer Research (In-Store Surveys, Telephone Surveys, License Plate Surveys)
  • Retail Tenant Mixes
  • Urban Land Use / Infrastructure Planning
  • Market Research support for Legal / Zoning issues
    • development permit approvals
    • competitive opposition
    • impact analyses on local market